Business Funding at the Speed of Opportunity

We believe every entrepreneur should have access to affordable funding options for their business.


 Our firm is committed to providing creative financing solutions that help companies reach their true potential.


Put your business in the hands of a passionate team dedicated to making the process of securing working capital honest, quick and easy. 

What We Do

Term Loans

Gain access to fast and affordable term loans to refinance existing business debt, buy new equipment, purchase inventory, launch advertising programs, hire new team members or simply improve everyday working capital.


Assisting businesses of all sizes with implementing cost effective credit card processing and payroll solutions.

Business Cash Advance

Get cash advanced to your business based on your monthly gross revenue and sales. Fast guaranteed, same day approvals. 

Business Credit

We offer the most comprehensive business credit building solution available today. We teach you how to easily build your business credit step-by-step through a personalized and streamlined process.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Both conventional and SBA backed commercial real estate loans to purchase or refinance your business location. Ranging from 75k-100M with rates starting @ 3.75%

 Why Choose Us


Funds deposited into your Checking Account in as little as 2-3 business days.



Our application can be filled out and submitted in 10 minutes!

Call (855) 568-4372 or fill out the contact form to start our simple process. 



Never realize you’re even paying it back! Elect a small portion of your future credit card sales to go towards paying back your advance or have a small fixed payment automatically debited from your business checking. 



Renew your cash advance before you’re done paying it back. You can apply for funding at anytime and renew your cash advance / business loan in a short period of time so working capital is always available.



Step 1.


Your application process begins when you fill out our form, or call us at 860.796.8959


Our quick and easy eligibility criteria requires that:


  • Your business has been in operation for at least 4 months

  • You provide 4 months of the business bank and credit card processing statements.

  • You complete our one page application to accompany the above documents.



Step 2.


When you have submitted the necessary documents, we determine the following:


  • The type of funding your business needs

  • The amount you are eligible to be funded

  • The rate and term of your approval


Once your account has been funded we will not charge you any extra money during the entire reimbursement period, there are no hidden costs or fees involved. Once you have your business cash advance, you are free to use it anyway you want, whether paying off debts, buying new equipment, renovating your outlet or opening a new one!



Step 3.


You can pay us back through a small predetermined percentage of your monthly credit card sales, or if you don’t accept credit cards, our (ACH) advances allow you to pay us back through small fixed deposits.



Step 4.


You have now paid off your balance and can utilize your entire sales revenue. Your business will have grown by now and it’s time to reap the rewards. You can immediately give your company a further boost by renewing your cash advance! Having established a relationship and gained trust. You'll now have access to higher advance amounts, longer terms and lower rates. 


Senior Executive Adviser

Wendy Vila




New York


Palm Beach


Los Angeles

San Francisco

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